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Monthly Sites

Interested in a monthly site? This page contains all of the information that you should be aware of prior to reserving a site.

Rates, Payments & Fees: Monthly rentals start at $800 per month and include sewer, water, electric, and trash pick-up. We ask that you would be mindful of heating and cooling costs and keep your doors and windows closed if you are heating or cooling your camper. Other amenities (propane refill, laundry, WiFi, etc. are available for a fee. We do not prorate monthly rent or give refunds. If at any point you think you may not stay a full month, please don’t pay for a full month. Personal property left on site will be subject to a storage fee. A $35.00/day late fee will be applied when rent is paid more than 5 days after it is due, and all checks will be assessed a $35.00 fee should it be returned for any reason. We accept credit cards and debit cards, local checks, cash, or money order as payment, and payments can be made in person at the park office during regular, posted business hours. You will receive written notification of any rent increases 30 days before they go into effect.

Rules: We have a lot of them and expect you to fully comply with them. This ensures everybody has a nice stay.

• Pets, limited to two per site and under 20 pounds, must be leashed when they are outside, and you must pick up their waste and dispose of it. Waste must be bagged and disposed of at your site. If we notice dog waste at your site, we will pick it up and assess a $25 fee per occurrence. Pets are not allowed to be outside unattended, and no dog pens, dog houses, or runs are allowed inside the park. Pets are not allowed in any buildings. Dogs over 20 pounds will be assessed for entry on an individual basis.
• Firearms and fireworks are prohibited in all areas of the park.
• Vehicles, two per campsite, are to only be parked only on gravel and concrete at your paid site.
• Only one camping unit per paid campsite. Storage containers, boats, and cargo trailers are not permitted. You may not change sites without prior approval from the office.
• All visitors must check-in at the office before entering the park. Your visitors can always buzz the office using the key pad at the gate during office hours, and we can let them in. Please advise them that they will need to stop by the office and check-in. After office hours, you need to drive to the entrance and let your guests in.
• Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
• Fires are not permitted when proper agencies issue burn bans, however, if there are no burn bans, guests may build a fire in an approved outdoor, portable fire pit.
• A speed limit of 10 miles per hour is to be observed on all park roads. You will be removed from the park if you are caught speeding three times during your visit. All street legal vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver. Golf carts are only allowed on roadways.
• Quiet hours are 10pm – 7am.
• Alcoholic beverages are restricted to the guest’s site, and smoking isn’t permitted inside any park buildings.
• No power plants, window air conditioning units, or extra outdoor appliances (refrigerators, freezers, etc.) without prior authorization from the office. Approved air conditioning units and outdoor appliances will result in extra monthly fees.
• RiverView RV & Recreational Park, LLC discourages anybody from entering the river. There are no designated beaches and no lifeguards. Please exercise caution in all areas of the park. RiverView RV & Recreational Park is not responsible for accidents on our property.
• RiverView RV & Recreational Park, LLC is not responsible for any loss due to theft, fire, utility failure, improper connections, and failure to unhook water during freezing conditions or any acts of nature.
• RiverView RV & Recreational Park reserves the right to evict any guest or occupant without refund for violations of the park guidelines
• RiverView RV & Recreational Park reserves the right to disconnect any occupant’s utilities and evict them without refund for violations of the park rules and guidelines. Guests agree that they will promptly vacate the park upon written notice that they are in violation of park rules and guidelines.
• Glass containers are prohibited outside of the camping unit.
• Trash dumpster(s) are for guest use only and limited to HOUSEHOLD TRASH.
• Maintenance and repair work of any kind is prohibited at the sites.
• Because of high pressure, we require the use of approved water pressure regulators on all our faucets. Water pressure regulators are available for purchase at the park store. Please see below and ask for help if you are unsure of how to properly install the regulator because guests not using one will be subject to a $100 fine.
• During freezing conditions, all units must utilize a heated water hose or disconnect from the water hookup. Heated hoses are available for purchase in our store.
• The water at each campsite is intended for trailer/RV hook ups only. Any water use outside your camping unit is prohibited.
• The park shall have a right of entry upon the land on which a recreational vehicle is situated for maintenance of utilities, maintenance of premises if occupant fails to do so, and the protection of the park at any reasonable time. The park may enter a recreational vehicle without the prior written consent of the occupant in the case of an emergency or when the occupant has abandoned the recreational vehicle.
• You may not make any permanent changes or additions to your site. Your site must be in the same condition on departure as it was on your arrival. There should not be anything (vehicles, camping unit, canopy, decorations, etc.) to hinder access for maintenance work and lawn care. No clotheslines and no fencing.
• We are not responsible for hoses (sewer, water, etc.) damaged by lawnmowers, weed eaters, etc. All hoses need to be lifted off of the ground and protected.
• Aftermarket porches and/or steps must be approved by management.

Occupants: We allow a maximum two adults per campsite. Park guests may not have overnight guests for longer than three nights.

Background Screening: Effective 4/1/2023 we are partnering with RentPrep, a third-party screening agency that is used nationwide by landlords and property managers. You will complete the application by clicking the link below, or we can send it to you via email. We do not have access to or keep your personal information (social security number, etc.), but you will be asked to provide them during the application. Each applicant (and co-applicant if applicable) will be required to complete a background check. This is done for the safety of our guests, upon the recommendation of our insurance carrier, and for our financial interest. This process is similar to if you were renting/leasing a home or apartment, and many RV parks are starting to take this approach with monthly rentals.

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns! 580-296-8439

If you are ready to begin the screening process, you can go to riverviewrv.quickleasepro.com to begin.