300 S. Dickson Drive Colbert, Oklahoma 74733

Wi-Fi Information

  • There are five networks: Guest (free), Guest Premium, Guest Premium 1, Guest Premium 2, and Guest Premium 3.  We suggest using the one with the strongest network signal.
  • The password for all networks is: riverviewpark
  • We can’t guarantee internet speeds. We purchase a set amount, and, once it leaves the tower/access point, we can’t control how much each site receives.  Speeds will vary based on factors including but not limited to:
    • The number of devices on the network at any given time.
    • How guests are using their devices. For example, movies and gaming consume more bandwidth than browsing.
    • The thickness of and materials used in their camper walls.
    • The individual device. Different devices have different capabilities.
    • Landscape, elevation, site location, etc.
    • Site location. The best coverage will be in the red circles because that’s where the access points are (see map).  The green circles should still have coverage, but it will decline as you go away from the access point.
  • We do provide complimentary access on the “Guest” network, and the guest will have to enter the password. This is NOT high speed and likely will not be suitable for streaming video.
  • We do offer high speed internet for a premium on the “Guest Premium 1, 2, & 3” networks. Access will be $3.99/day, $10.99/week, and $20/month per device.  Important things to note about high speed internet are:
    • We will not be able to sell access in the office. It must be done online from the guest’s device using Stripe (online payment platform).
    • Guests will be given an hour of complimentary premium access as a free trial before they pay.  Once that hour is up, if they want to commit to purchasing service, they will be directed to a website to do so.  Please take advantage of this to ensure the service will work for you!


For all other questions, to report a problem, or to request a refund, please email riverviewcolbert@gmail.com  or call the office at 580-296-8439.